About Buzios

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Armação dos Búzios, or as it is more commonly known, Búzios, is located just 165 kilometres from the city of Rio de Janeiro, with handy transport links direct to Rio’s airports, downtown bus station or beaches.
Naturally very beautiful, Buzios is a peninsula eight kilometres long with 25 gorgeous and different beaches, each offering their own charms, atmosphere and activities.
Alongside the beaches the town centre (6 minutes drive) offers an eclectic mix of charming, romantic, funky, highly fashionable and rustic restaurants, shops and bars. The gastronomic centre, Porto da Barra, is a beautiful beach side location with bars, restaurants and shops, and only 5 mins drive from the house.

It really is a city that has something for everyone all year round.

Activities in Buzios include buggy rental, boat trips, surfing, diving, guided hikes, kayaking, sailing, golf, horse riding, paragliding, tennis, yoga, massage and spa treatments.

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